Mitsubishi Electric HALLE Gastronomic Offerings

The concession stands in the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE offer you a wide variety of beverages and food. Enjoy a cold Brinkhoff's No. 1, a Schlösser Alt, a bit of bubbly or a glass of wine. Of course, we also offer a selection of soft drinks from the Coca-Cola company, as well as a hot cup of coffee. Depending on the event, we also present additional alternative beverages.

Our selection of food ranges from bratwurst in a roll to currywurst, pizza, and a wide variety of pasta dishes. Each stand offers some snacks, pretzels and soft pretzel sticks being the minimum. Depending on the event, we will vary the selection of food, expanding it to include popcorn and other snacks. We also offer crisps, peanuts and a broad selection of chocolate bars to still those little pangs of hunger during the event.